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Acorn Hall, Home to Morris County Historical Society

Acorn Hall-Sample of Georgian Foursquare

Hi everyone,

Our area is blessed with many extraordinary preserved homes that have become museums for all to see.  One of these museums is Acorn Hall, an outstanding example of Georgian Foursquare, built 1n 1853 in Morristown.  The home has a main central hallway with 4 similarly sized rooms on the first and second floors.

Acorn Hall is home for the Morris County Historical Society and is open to the public for tours every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (11am-4pm with last tour beginning at 3:15pm) and every Sunday (1-4pm with last tour beginning at 3:15pm).  Decorated in the style of the day, it is also home to a number of exhibitions.  Through July 14th, the society will display samples of dresses designed and created by Catherine Dempsey (1850-1931) for well-to-do ladies out of her home in Morristown.

The Society also provides an on-line lecture series entitled History Lunch Break. Every other Wednesday, you can register for $5.00 to join the discussion that run from 12:oo Noon to 12:30pm.  Upcoming talks are:

April 17-Ask the Expert, Chickering Grand Pianos Edition-Presented by Bill Heister

May 1-Ask the Collector: Vintage Jewelry Edition-Presented by Nancy Cooper

May 15-Celebrating 125 Years of a Jewish Congregation in Morristown-Presented by Julie Stone

For more information about Acorn Hall and Morris County Historical Society, go to there website-


Enjoy our history!