Uncategorized April 29, 2024

Terminology Used for Updating Your Antique Home

Dutch Colonial Revival Sample

Hi Everyone,

Suppose you have an antique house or are interested in buying an older home.  You will probably want to make changes to the property.  The question becomes are the changes going to preserve the house, rehabilitate the house, restore the house, or reconstruct the house?  What are the differences?  Go to the U.S. Secretary of The Interiors Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties website.  This pamphlet defines the different types of changes you are planning and discusses the “Appropriate Treatment for Historic Properties” such as:

Levels of Historic Significance

Physical Condition

Proposed Usage

Codes and Other Regulation

Answering these questions and investigating how changes will affect your home is all part of the fun of living in an older house and keeping history alive in your community.  I hope this answers many of your questions.

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